It's hard to believe that Snooki was a regular person like you and me less than three years ago. Since then, she's turned into a multi-millionaire through her infamous run on Jersey Shore and making appearances across the country. But through the peak of an economic recession, Snooki has almost single-handedly kept the salon industry alive by getting a new cut and color seemingly every week.

From streaks to full-on dye jobs, to bangs and poofs, Snooki's hair has been just as entertaining as her on-screen antics. In honor of her 25th birthday today, check out the 18 stages of Snooki's hair evolution!

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1. January 2010

Snooki's infamous poof instantly drew attention throughout the country and everyone's favorite meatball became a Guidette fashion trendsetter (or trainwreck, depending on who you ask).

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2. February 2010

For Snooki's first major red carpet event at the 2010 Grammys, she stuck with her signature mini-dress, but actually kept it semi-traditional with her hair.

3. July 2010

By that summer though, Jersey Shore had catapulted into the American pop culture stratosphere and Snooki was hosting parties in Vegas. And with that, back came the poof!

4. August 2010

Wearing all black and Ugg boots in the middle of summer is ill-advised at best, but it looks like Snooki didn't pay attention to either the weather or her hair in this pic. It's one of the rare moments you'll ever see her hair looking disheveled and unkempt.

5. September 2010

Who knew Snooki was such an American patriot? And since soldiers are notorious for loving blonds, Snooki decided to add a little blond into her hair for this red carpet appearance.

6. December 2010

By the end of 2010, Snooki's tan and outfits were constantly on over-the-top mode, but she actually toned her hairstyles down significantly to the point where she looked...normal!

7. January 2011

Hey, Snooki. That's not how you read a book. Or even the best way to show a book cover. Oh well. Her hair looks fabulous at least.

8. February 2011

The Grammys have historically been where Snooki makes one of her most elegant red carpet appearances, so she decided to rock bangs for the first time! And even though the cut looks good on her, we've got some serious questions about those shoulder pads.

9. August 2011

No. Just no.

10. September 2011

After nearly two years of primarily rocking the poof, Snooki finally brought down the curtain on that guidette hairstyle and opted to keep it straight. She definitely didn't lose her appetite for animal print and super-short dresses though.

11. October 2011

Snooki opted to go back for a poof of sorts in this photo, but instead of hair it's coming from...whatever that is on her head. Hey, at least she learned how to hold a book this time!

12. November 2011

Maybe she's just exhausted from being at the salon all the time, but we've noticed that Snooki usually tones down her hair by the end of the year. And believe it or not, her hair is at it's best when it looks relatively normal. This is our favorite look of hers over the last three years. 

13. January 2012

Snooki's hair looks fantastic here, but that outfit. Short shorts and platform heels? What the actual eff.

14. February 2012

Fire engine red and black generally aren't a good mix. Just saying. But while this is her least classy appearance at the Grammys, this is SO much better than what she usually sports on a red carpet.

15. March 2012

Snooki wasn't hiding her braid debut in this photo, but she was hiding a fairly noticeable baby bump. She would reveal that she was pregnant just a few days later.

16. September 2012

Giving birth to a baby, like, four seconds before she called People Magazine in for a photo shoot meant that Snooki didn't have time to do anything crazy with her hair. But it's probably best that she tone it down anyway as a new mom!

17. October 2012

Of course, Snooki was probably going through salon withdrawals after a couple of months and began showing off dye jobs that were more mature and elegant, like these blond streaks during a Good Morning America interview.

18. November 2012

Snooki the entrepreneur? She showed off her new perfume and Snooki Couture line at a recent appearance earlier thiis year, along with a new fire engine red. "It'll make it easier to spot the head lice," quipped comedian Joan Rivers.

What do you think of Snooki's hair evolution?

Photos courtesy of Getty Images, MTV and People Magazine