We all know that celebrities love to wear costumes – and not just for Halloween! But this year a handful of celebrities dressed up as…other celebrities! And they did an incredible job with their doppelganger costumes! So we have for you the best celebrity-within-a-celebrity costumes of 2012!

Chelsea Briggs breaks down the best dressed celebs in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

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Sing it with me now: “Pretty woman, walking down the street…” Emma Roberts paid homage to her famous Aunt Julia, nailing the iconic “hooker with a heart of gold” costume for the 1990 film Pretty Woman. Helps too that Emma and Julia are practically twins? Remake anyone?!

Did I just spot an NSYNC reunion?! Nope – it’s just Glee star Matthew Morrison dress up at Justin Timberlake! Cornrows and a bandana helped capture JT circa 2000. The look could stay in the past, but the costume was stellar! (Darn, totally got my hopes up for that reunion by the way!)

And last, but certainly NOT least – Miley Cyrus as Nicki Minaj! This one made me do a MAJOR double-take! From the wig to the makeup to the outfit, Miley totally nailed the most important aspect of Nicki – Be Outrageous! Yes, be outrageous and be awesome!

So which celeb within a celeb costume do you like best – Miley as Nicki? Matthew as JT? Emma as Julia?