December 2 should be a national holiday. It’s the QUEEN’S birthday on Sunday – Britney Spears, ya’ll! The legendary pop princess is turning 31 and we’re taking a break from planning our Britney Birthday Bash (ya’ll are invited) to share some of her greatest career and life moments -- 31 to be exact.

Sure, the girl has had a meltdown or two (let’s not talk about 2007), but she’s the very definition of "comeback." The troubles that broke Britney down only paved the way for who she is today, so you'll find some of those on our list in addition to her many highlights. Now that she's getting a hefty paycheck to sit behind a table and judge The X Factor, Ms. Spears has showed us all that we can rise above our troubles.

But, okay, enough mushy stuff. Let’s talk Brit Brit!


1. Star Search

Getting her start at the age of 10, Britney belted her little Southern heart out on the pre-X Factor show Star Search.

2. Mickey Mouse Club

She joined fellow celebs Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez and Ryan Gosling down in Orlando, Florida for Disney's The Mickey Mouse Club.

3. …Baby One More Time

The music video that shook the world. A pop star was born!

4. Rolling Stone Cover

And then there was the magazine cover that shook the world. Britney caused a little bit of controversy with 1999 Rolling Stone cover and interview.

5. VMA Sexy Performance of Oops I Did It Again

Goodbye "Good Girl Britney!" Her sexed up performance of Oops I Did It Again in a see-through, rhinestone outfit and dance moves that we've never seen her do before made many jaws drop.

6. Relationship With Justin Timberlake

The ultimate teen dream couple confirmed that they were definitely together. And then they started wearing matching denim outfits when it wasn't Halloween.

7. Oops I Did It Again

Britney's sophomore album Oops I Did It Again debuted at number one on the Billboard charts and showed her more mature side.

8. Signs Two-Year Contract With Pepsi

Her two-year endorsement deal gave us not only the best Pepsi commerical we've ever seen but a few of the greatest ads... like ever.

9. VMA Performance With Giant Snake

She proved that she was fearless (or pretended to be) while dancing around the VMA stage with a giant snake wrapped around her neck for I'm a Slave For You.

10. Crossroads

Okay, maybe not an Oscar-worthy movie but any movie with Britney in it is worth watching.

11. Splits From Justin Timberlake

Say it isn't so! The breakup heard around the world.

12. Locks Lips With Madonna

And the kiss heard around the world! She took the stage with fellow pop star Christina Aguilera and locked lips with Madonna. Best part is when the camera goes to Justin's face. Classic TV.

13. Receives star on Walk of Fame

As if we didn't know she was a star already, Brit gets one on the Walk of Fame!

14. Gets married for 55 Hours

Cue the rebellion phase. She married her high school pal Jason Alexander -- for 55 hours.

15. Releases First Fragrance Curious

Before the big boom of celebrity fragrances, she released her first perfume Curious.

16. Marries Kevin Federline

Britney looked beautiful as a bride when she married America's Most Hated Man Kevin Federline. This was before Chris Brown, of course.

17. Welcomes Son Sean Preston Federline

She stepped into the role as a mom when she and Kevin welcomed their first son Sean Preston.

18. Confirms She's Pregnant on David Letterman

Not too long after, she appeared on David Letterman for a kind of strange interview and revealed she was pregnant with her second child.

19. Welcomes Second Son Jayden James

And then nine months later BAM! She welcomed son Jayden James.

20. Divorces Kevin Federline

While we were happy that she finally divorced Kevin's ass, we weren't prepared for what was to come.

21. Bye Bye Britney Locks

Sadly, when people think of Britney, this might be one of the moments that pops into their head. In our mind, we think of it as this way: a lizard sheds it skin, right? Well, this is Britney shedding her old self to become a brand, spanking new Brit Brit!

22. Britney Gets Stoned

We had to include this for one reason -- she's so damn adorable in it that you can't help but love her.

23. Britney Doesn't Deliver For 2007 VMA Performance

Okay, this might not be the best Britney performance we've ever seen but let's be positive: we got some really good memes out of it.

24. Appears on How I Met Your Mother

After her downward spiral that was the majority of 2007 and 2008, she begins her comeback by appearing on CBS's How I Met Your Mother, making it the highest rated episode for the series -- ever.

25. Walks Home With Three VMAS

FINALLY!! Britney walked away with not only her very first MTV Video Music Award, but three! She's baaaack.

26. Releases Highest-Selling Album Circus

She released her sixth album Circus, often called her comeback album.

27. Sets World Record

This proves how powerful she is. She set a record in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the youngest female artist to have five albums debut at number one.

28. Confirms She Dating Jason Trawick

Probably one of the best things that's happened to our Britney is her former agent Jason Trawick. Sure, we love JT (and hated Kevin), but this guy really helped turn her life around and made her happy again.

29. First Glee Tribute Episode

Glee dedicated an entire episode to Brit and she even made a cameo. Her tribute brought in the most viewers for the season at 15.2 million.

30. Gets Engaged to Jason Trawick

Everyone gave a round of applause for Britney when she announced she was engaged to Jason Trawick!

31. Lands Judging Spot on The X Factor

Getting a seriously huge paycheck of $15 million probably convinced her to judge on The X Factor but hey, we're not complaing!

What's your favorite Britney moment? Share with us in the comments section below!