Harry Styles or Conor Kennedy? Who should Taylor Swift choose? That’s the latest question we’re chatting about concerning Tay’s love life and it’s definitely a tough one, right?

Chelsea Briggs breaks it down in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

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While we haven’t gotten a straight answer about Taylor and Harry, sources say that Taylor is head over heels for him. “She’s obsessed with Harry. She’s already talking about marriage and babies.” Um, too fast? Although another source is telling the opposite story, saying, “They both are very aware that it’s nothing more than a crush and will have fun with each other, but nothing serious will happen between the two at this time. Their romantic relationship is being blown out of proportion.”

And let’s not forget about her ex Conor! While the two broke up back in October, reports say that the two are still talking and that things might not exactly be over for them.

Hm, what a pickle Taylor’s in. If you were in her position, who would you choose: Harry or Conor? Also, who do you think about be best for her?