Do you want to sleep in Brad Pitt’s bed?

Or perhaps take a bath in his tub, with room for two?

What if we promised Angelina Jolie wouldn’t even be mad about it?

Okay, we're sorry to say, Brad Pitt won’t actually be in the bed with you. But he did design it! So it's the next best thing.

He’s already an Oscar-nominated actor and Chanel-scented superstar, and now Brad is extending his talents to furniture. The Hollywood heartthrob will debut a line of a dozen pieces on November 13, including a minimalist bathtub for two, 24-karat gold side tables, and a bed Architectural Digest describes as “rather fantastic.”

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(Well, duh. It’s Brad Pitt’s bed!)

Brad tells the mag that he’s been “doodling ideas for buildings and furniture since the early 1990s.” (Which is right about the time everyone else started doodling ideas for Brad Pitt...)

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He’s already gotten involved in rebuilding high-quality affordable homes in post-Katrina New Orleans, but there’s nothing affordable about this line of products. (There’s a reason why you won’t find a 24-karat gold table at Ikea.) One chair is going for $45,000, so you may want to hold off on whipping out your checkbook just yet. Certain pieces may be adapted for large-scale production in the future.

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Does Brad Pitt have talent as a furniture designer? Let us know what you think in the comments!

(Photos Courtesy of Architectural Digest and Fameflynet.)