We’ve seen countless zombie flicks over the past couple of years, and they’re not slowing down any in the next few months. So it’s kind of a marvel that the trailer for the big-budget Brad Pitt flick World War Z can still be so damn creepy.

It’s one of two zombie apocalypse trailers released today ― the other being the zom-rom-com (AKA zombie romantic comedy) Warm Bodies, starring Nicholas Hoult.

Catch both trailers below!

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The fact that the World War Z trailer takes so long to get to the zombies makes it totally unsettling. It's just an ordinary day, and then... not. It may become a big bombastic action flick from the looks of it, but it begins with a slow-building dread, just as it should.

If we ever find ourselves faced with a zombie apocalypse for real, let's just hope Brad is around to get us the hell out of that situation.


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Warm Bodies, on the other hand, takes a more comedic approach. It's about a zombie boy who falls for a human girl ― the zombie Twilight, perhaps?

But this romance looks quite a bit more tongue-in-cheek than Bella and Edward's, though we'll see if audiences have the stomach for a walking dead love story. What if you were about to make out with a guy, and you suddenly realized he had brain-breath? If you find that question intriguing, this is the romantic comedy for you.

Will you check out one, both, or none of this zombie flicks? Let us know what you think!