Awkward alert! Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson both appeared on late night programs airing at the same time last night ― he on Jimmy Kimmel, she on Jay Leno.

K-Stew was her usual downbeat self, while Rob was in jolly good spirits ― because he was tipsy on Jimmy's vodka (according to Perez Hilton, anyway).

Watch the his & hers late night clips after the jump!

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Yes, it was pretty amusing when Rob tried to hide his feet because his shoes were too big and he didn't approve of his socks. Ah, celebrity problems.

But was he really drunk? Hey, whatever gets you through a massive press tour.

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Meanwhile, Kristen caught herself talking about herself in third person, exclaiming: “I sound like a psychopath!” Whereas Rob said he hopes for a sequel, Kristen joked that she was glad the Twilight phenom was over. (And we think there's some truth to that.)

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Kristen also revealed that Breaking Dawn will conclude with a "shocking" ending that departs from what happens in the book, to keep things from being too predictable to fans who pored over and over those pages.

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