With the final installment of The Twilight Saga hitting theaters today, it's been all about the cast of the vampire movie franchise this week, so why change that today?!

For this week's Hot Guy Friday, we're taking a look at the handsome fellas of the film -- Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and Kellan Lutz -- and how they've evolved since the first film in 2008.

Thought they were hotties then?! Wait 'til you see the side-by-side comparisons!

Robert Pattinson

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Character: Edward Cullen

How He's Changed: Well, he tamed the hair, for one! Plus, he's finally got his Edward facial expressions down pat, which are a lot softer on the eyes now that the final film (right photo) has come around.

Taylor Lautner

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Character: Jacob Black

How He's Changed: LOL! After the first movie, Taylor was able to look like him true self by shedding those long locks for New Moon. However, and more importantly, he gets to show off his rock-hard abs ALL the time in the later films.

Kellan Lutz

Character: Emmett Cullen

How He's Changed: Again... the hair, but clearly the make-up department made a big change, too, because Kellan's vampire look in the final film, like Rob's, is much easier to look at. Plus, he finally gets a chance to show off his guns in an arm wrestling scene with Kristen Stewart in Breaking Dawn: Part 2!

Which Twilight hottie is your fave?!

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