British heartthrob Hugh Grant is used to having his share of female admirers, but there was one British woman who really, really wanted a photo with him.

While Hugh visited a bar in Dover, England, the bar owner's wife Natalie reached out for a photo-op with him and didn't seem to care that she was breastfeeding at the time! Despite that minor detail, Hugh was a good sport and uncomfortably posed for what has to be the world's most awkward fan photo.

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Natalie said that Hugh approached him initially because while she was breast feeding, she accidentally flashed him! "Hugh came straight over to me on the sofa and said, 'Hello, how are you?' she said. "I was blushing furiously and when he held out his hand, he suddenly realized I was breast feeding. But because it was Hugh, I felt I had to take it, but as I moved my arm the baby slipped down. He said, "Oh, I'm so sorry" and moved back and I only stroked his hand."

Awk. Ward. Seriously, put the baby down for, like, 30 seconds if you want to take a photo with someone.

What do you think of Hugh's photo-op?

Photos courtesy of Getty Images and Channel News Services