James Van Der Beek is definitely the next Edward Cullen. Why, you ask? Um, have you heard his reading of Breaking Dawn?

Sitting beside a fireplace and with the camera zoomed in oh-so-closely to his face, James channels his inner Edward, Bella and Jacob with this dramatic read. And yes, he takes the role of book reader very seriously. Dawson would be so proud. 

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Obviously there’s already an audio book for Breaking Dawn (this is the 21st century), but just in case they wanted to re-do it, they should probably call James up for the job. Ryan Seacrest gave listeners a sneak peek at James’ reading this morning during On Air and also revealed that other celebs have submitted their “audition” for the audio book as well. Dr. Phil (uh pass?) LakersMetta World Peace are just a few names to mention.

Who would you like to hear do a dramatic reading of Twilight? How about the Biebs? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!