Can we just be best friends with Jennifer Lawrence already? The Hunger Games star has proved on plenty of late-night talk show appearances that she is just a normal girl in the wonderful world of Hollywood with her goofy personality and constant humbleness. Now you can add her most recent appearance on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno to the list of “She’s just like us!” moments.

Stopping by to promote her film Silver Linings Playbook, she relived a recent car accident she was involved in and put all the blame on Honey Boo Boo. Yes, you read that right.

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While driving by a breast cancer parade where the people were wearing sashes that said “boobs,” she automatically thought it said “Boo Boo.” I mean, who wouldn’t, right? “I thought it was saying ‘Boo Boo.’ So I was like, ‘Well, does that mean there’s Honey Boo Boo?’ So I started craning my neck and then I saw a little girl,” she explained.

Thinking it was the Honey Boo Boo in her presence, she ended up rear-ending the car in the front of her and had to explain what exactly caused the accident. Spoiler alert: this is the best part. Explaining to the person what happened, she said, “I’m sorry that I hit your family. I thought I saw Honey Boo Boo.”

Hey Jen, let’s grab lunch or something! I feel like we’d be the bestest of friends.

What did you think of Jennifer’s Honey Boo Boo almost-encounter?