Time to state the obvious: Justin Bieber REALLY doesn’t like paparazzi. We’ve witness this before (remember that one attack his did on a photographer?) and he displayed it once again, but in a much less physical way.

While driving his white Ferrari around Los Angeles last weekend, he tried to drive away from paparazzi but when he just couldn’t get them off his tail, he came to a complete stop – in the middle of the road -- which made some other LA drivers not too happy.

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As seen in the video obtained by ET Online, the pap tried to tell Justin that he needs to slow down and what a crazy driver he is. “I think you guys should probably stop following me,” Justin replied. “What do your parents think about what you do?” he asked the paparazzo. “I make them proud,” the guy replied. After a chuckle, JB shot back, “Oh, you make them proud. Do you tell them ‘I stalk people for a living?’” Yikes!

After constant horn honking and two people getting out of their cars to tell Justin to move it, he sped off, leaving the paparazzi in his dust. This marks Justin’s second encounter with these guys while on the road, which is probably going to get Justin labeled as “The Worst Driver in LA.”

What do you think about how Justin reacted to the paparazzi? Was it the right thing to do or should he have handled it differently?