If you don’t want to be attacked on the internet, don’t wear overalls and a backwards hat to meet the Prime Minister of Canada. Justin Bieber did just that while accepting the Diamond Jubilee Medal last weekend, in overalls, a white-shirt, a backwards hat and bright yellow shoes. But are people being too harsh on the Biebs?

Chelsea Briggs explains more on the fashion faux pas in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

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After tweeting a photo of his outfit with the caption “I met the Prime Minister in overalls lol, I hope you all hate my style,” the web went crazy calling him the “white trash prince.”

To defend his fashion choice, the Biebs took the Twitter, writing, "The pic of me and the Prime Minister was taken in a room in the arena where I was performing at that day," he wrote. "I walked straight from my meet and greet to him, if you ... expect me to have a change of clothes let a loan ... a suit at that specific time that's crazy.” Maybe next time, just have a suit hanging somewhere accessible, Justin.

What do you guys think of Justin’s outfit? Are the comments too harsh or did he mess up with his fashion choice? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!