We first heard Kelly Rowland's “Ice” way back in the summer, just when we needed a cool R&B jam to cool us down. Now it’s nearly winter, but let’s face it ― there was never a chance that this video could be anything but scorching hot. So despite the title, it seems like a pretty perfect time to release a visual for “Ice.”

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In the video, Kelly’s part of a trio of dancers that give us Destiny’s Child flashbacks. (Only this time around, Kelly’s the Beyonce.) There’s a lot of sexy stuff going on, from hot bodies on display to Kelly writhing against a wall to an ice cube that travels to all sorts of intriguing places.

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In fact, “Ice” is probably better than any fireplace to get the temperature rising this season ― (at least, until the whole thing turns out to be a Remy Martin commercial).

Best of all? Instead of an appearance by Lil Wayne doing his obligatory rap bridge, we get this guy:

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Yeah, we’ll take one of those on the rocks, thank you.

Did "Ice" get you hot or leave you cold? Let us know in the comments!