Is this the priest scandal of this decade?

Even though he's already quit Sesame Street after a second allegation of sex with an underage boy, the names keep lining up against former Elmo voice Kevin Clash. A third man simply identified as John Doe has filed a lawsuit against the actor, claiming in an unpublished manuscript that he met Kevin through a gay sex chat line in 2000, when he was 16 years old. Kevin was 40 at the time, but allegedly claimed to be 30. John wrote that the two engaged "in sexual activity including oral sex" and resumed their relationship the following year when he turned 18 and moved to NYC to pursue a modeling career, according to the New York Daily News.

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It gets even worse. In the manuscript, the victim also dubs Kevin as "Mr. Tickler,” a disturbing creepy reference to the Tickle Me Elmo dolls. A statement from Kevin's attorney simply stated, "Mr. Clash believes this lawsuit has no merit."

Cecil Singleton has also filed a $5 million lawsuit against Kevin, claiming the two engaged in sex when he was just 15 years old. Sheldon Stephens accused Kevin of having sex with him when he was 16, but settled out of court for $125,000 and had his attorney release a statement saying their relationship was consensual and took place when he was 18. However, Sheldon is now trying to give back the money and claiming he was pressured into signing the settlement. The age of consent in NY is 17 years old.

What do you think of all the accusations?

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