Why merely let them eat cake, when you can roll around in it?

Pop stars are all about the cake lately, and something about it makes them feel very, very dirty. There's Rihanna's filthy Chris Brown duet "Birthday Cake" from Talk That Talk, and more recently, Miley Cyrus got all messy with Borgore in his "Decisions" video, which offers the sentiment: "Bitches love cake." Miley's contribution was messy enough to get her a girl-on-girl porn offer for her troubles.

Now Lady Gaga follows the trend in a new video shot by her photographer pal Terry Richardson, and a picture to boot. See a preview clip of the "Cake Like Gaga" video below.

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"The real CAKE isn't HAVING what you want, It's DOING what you want," Gaga posted, along with the photo. (But when has Gaga ever not followed that advice?)

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Frankly, this pop star obsession with cake is having us worried that we'll never be able to have a simple slice of birthday cake again without a pop star rolling around half-naked in it. Can we get some ice cream to go with this at least, please?

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