Alright Directioners, are you ready for the best news that your ears will hear all day – or at least until November 13th? One Direction’s upcoming album Take Me Home has LEAKED! Yup, it’s floating around the World Wide Web for all of us to enjoy and guess what – we’ve got a preview. The boys offered a full stream of the album today on iTunes, but somebody decided to take it all and put it on YouTube. Hm, they probably won't be too happy about this one.

While you can basically just jump on YouTube and hear the whole album in its entirety, this seven minute preview is enough to make Harry-lovin’ hearts go pitter patter.

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This isn’t the first time 1D has dealt with their much-anticipated music being released a little sooner than expected. Back when their music video for Live While We’re Young was supposed to debut, someone decided to show the whole world a rough cut of it a few days earlier. But the boys basically got the last laugh by outsmarting the leaker and premiering the video as soon as the original was leaked.

Now that this album has been heard, does this mean we’re going to get Take Me Home a little earlier than we thought? I mean, it’s only one week but let’s be honest --- a week is like an eternity in Directioner time.

What do you think about One Direction’s album? Are you loving the sound of it so far? Also, how do you think the guys will react to the leak?