Is it April Fool's, or is this just the juiciest headline we've read in ages?

Early reports this morning claimed that Lindsay Lohan was arrested during the very early hours of the morning Thursday, according to TMZ. Law enforcement told the site that Lindsay had a confrontation with another woman at Club Avenue in New York City, and it eventually turned physical.

Now TMZ is reporting that the fight was over The Wanted's Max George, who was partying with Lilo until she got too drunk.

TMZ reports that Lindsay attended Justin Bieber's concert last night specifically to see opening act The Wanted. She was denied access backstage, but later met with a few members of the UK boy band, including Max, to party at NYC hotspot Avenue.

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According to TMZ's sources, both Max and Lindsay got quite drunk, and her behavior began to make him less-than-glad she came. When he started talking to another girl, Lilo took matters into her own hands/fists.

During the altercation, Linday allegedly punched the woman in the face and was ready to leave the club when cops intercepted the car she was a passenger in. Later, she was booked for a 3rd degree misdemeanor assault and will have to show up in court in the near future.

This is definitely not Lindsay's week. Her much-anticipated Lifetime movie Liz & Dick premiered to awful reviews over the weekend, which may be why she was in a bad enough mood to start a bar brawl to begin with. If she gets in trouble from this fight, it could mean she's right back on probation.

Has Lindsay finally topped her previous naughty behavior?

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