Lindsay Lohan's comeback might be over before her Lifetime movie Liz and Dick even makes it on to the small screen.

California law enforcement officials have revealed that LiLo will be charged with the crime of lying to police, which stemmed from her car crash last June. She told police that she was not behind the wheel when her car slammed into the back of an 18-wheeler, but multiple sources have stated otherwise. The crime is normally a misdemeanor, but the big issue is that Lindsay is still on probation from her jewelry heist a few years back. The judge presiding over that case, Stephanie Sautner, could decide to send LiLo to jail for a very long time, according to TMZ

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Lindsay did manage to dodge a more serious charge of possessing prescription drugs without a license though. Cops had found pills scattered about the trunk of her car and were prepared to charge her with drug crimes, but her lawyer managed to give cops documentation from Lindsay's doctor.

Either way, we're thinking this might be the end of the line for Lindsay. If she had just told the truth about being behind the wheel, literally nothing would have happened. The producers on the set of her movie might have been pissed for the day and that would be it. Instead, we're guessing that the judge in her cae finally realizes that Lindsay thinks she can live under a different set of rules than everyone else.

Do you think Lindsay will finally go to jail?

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