Lindsay Lohan has a new PR team and it looks like these guys might actually know what they're doing.

First order of business: unless it's a movie, get LiLo AWAY from the cameras! That means scrapping her exclusive interview with Barbara Walters on 20/20, which was scheduled to air next Friday. Lindsay is now refusing to appear because her team reportedly wasn't happy with the direction the exclusive was going, according to E! Online. We can't really blame them since there hasn't been a lot of good happening in her world lately. "Talk about your car crash. Okay, talk about lying to the police. What about your claims of being choked in a hotel room and having the police call BS on it? Now your reported drug use. And your family drama. Okay byyeeeeee!!!"

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Lindsay's new PR team is also keeping her from acting a fool on Twitter (Hurricane Sally, anyone?) by severely dialing down her use of the site. She used to post on her Twitter account pretty much on the hour, but has now only made two posts in the nine days, one of which was work related.

Now that she's officially been charged with lying to the police after her car crash last June, let's hope her legal team are just as good as these guys...

What do you think of Lindsay cancelling the interview?

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