Lindsay Lohan's personal life is pretty much comic fodder at this point, but someone decided to take that concept to the next level and give LiLo her own comic book!

No, seriously. There's a LiLo comic book coming to stores just in time for the holidays. Infamous: Lindsay Lohan follows her life by the book, from child star to a terrible actress who frequently gets arrested. The book was released earlier in September, but the new version will feature updated material like her summer car wreck and recent troubles with the law. And in case you're too ashamed to buy it in a store, it will also be available digitally on iTunes, Nook and Kindle, according to E! Online.

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"This issue can be seen as a tragedy in motion; its last chapter has yet to be written," says Darren G. Davis, president of the publisher, Bluewater Productions (which has produced comics of other controversial stars like Britney Spears and Lady Gaga). "Lohan is both a victim of the all-consuming celebrity culture and a perpetrator of bad decisions, the lack of self-control and an unhealthy sense of entitlement."

Hopefully Lindsay can look on the bright side of this... it's the best mugshot taken of her so far!

Will you pick up a copy of Lindsay's comic book?

Photos courtesy of Getty Images and Bluewater Productions