Lindsay Lohan may not be getting a recommendation letter from the producer of her Lifetime movie Liz and Dick.

Now that shooting has wrapped, executive producer Larry Thompson came clean and admitted that working with LiLo left him with more than a few gray hairs. "Producing a movie with Lindsay is not for the faint of heart. I turned 50 shades of white actually during the production," he said. "We had serious challenges to deal with due to her probation and her history. She might be the most insured actress who ever walked on a soundstage. We tried to insure ourselves against things that could and, in fact, did happen." Ouch!

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Specifically, Larry is obviously referring to her numerous car crashes and recent probation violation (which she wasn't charged with until after shooting wrapped). That said, he believes their work together will help relaunch her career. "Relative to the performance we got and the movie we were able to make because of her, the pain was worth the pleasure," he said. "I know there are a lot of people out there who are naysayers. And I think they're gonna be shocked—and people who have believed in her, their belief is gonna be vindicated."

Liz and Dick premieres on November 25 at 9:00pm.

Will you be watching LiLo's comeback?

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