She's baaack!

Justin Bieber may have thought that his baby daddy drama with fame-seeker Mariah Yeater was over and done with after he took a DNA paternity test. But nope, it’s all coming back to him yet again. (Maybe it’s time to write another song about it, Biebs.)

Mariah’s attorney Jeffery Leving claims that he never received the results from the supposed DNA test Justin publicly claimed he took to clear his name, according to The Daily News. “I have not seen [Bieber’s] DNA test results or had them scrutinized,” Leving said. “If there was a first test, and I have no documentation to say there even was, I wasn’t provided with the results. I have not had my demands for an independent DNA test carried out by Mr. Bieber.”

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In case you’ve suffered amnesia within the past year, here's a refresher: Mariah accused Justin of being the father of her now-15-month-old son Tristyn after they allegedly hooked up in the Staples Center bathroom after a show. Justin has denied these claims from the very beginning in pretty much every public appearance he’s made and even wrote a song about Mariah for his album Believe.

Leving added that Justin “is either the father or he isn’t. And if he is then he needs to step up to the plate and pay child custody.” But according to a source close to Mariah, she not only wants Justin to be involved in “their” son’s life, but also wants closure. “For the last year, she has been the victim of death threats, derision and distasteful treatment,” the source said. “Being a single mom is tough enough without being caught up in one of the biggest scandals in pop music.”

That’s what you get for messing with the Biebs and his Beliebers!

What do you think about this Justin baby daddy drama? Is he the father, or is Mariah just looking for attention?

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