You know your career is in the toilet when you're reduced to appearing on a "baby daddy" talk show -- and not even Maury!

Michael Lohan appeared on NBC talk show Trisha to dispute the claims of a 17-year-old girl who said he was Michael's daughter, while her mother, Kristi Horn, said that Michael has never paid child support and always denied he was the father. Father of the Year Michael submitted to a DNA test and the end result is absolutely shocking, to say the least.

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Surprise surprise, it turns out Michael now has a brand new 17-year-old daughter! And the mother-daughter duo seemed to be as disgusted by Michael as the rest of the world; when he reached out to hug the girl, she shouted, "No! No! No!" as the mother burst into tears.

We can deduce three things from this: 1) Lindsay Lohan now has a half-sister. 2) Michael cheated on ex-wife Dina since all of his children were born between 1993-1996, and this girl was born in 1995. 3) The man has some crazy super sperm. Already had four kids, now we find out he has a fifth, and he knocked up ex-girlfriend Kate Major, who's due very soon. Class. Act.

What do you think of Lindsay having a half-sister?

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