It's tough enough to narrow down those notable people that made an impact in 2012 -- but what about those few that didn’t exactly have a stellar year and left us either shaking our heads or scared to drive in Los Angeles (I’m looking at you Amanda Bynes).

In fact, Amanda and former presidential hopeful Mitt Romney topped GQ’s list of 'Least Influential People of 2012'. Probably not the type of list they intended to be on, but what can you do?

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With Mitt at the #1 spot and Amanda at $2, they’re joined by Madonna coming in at #3 with the mag writing, “That cheerleading outfit isn’t making you look any younger, Madge.” Also they call out notable people like Lance Armstrong as “the polar opposite of the inspiring legend he was once made out of be,” and said Ryan Lochte smashed the “individual medley-of-douchiness world record.” Way harsh, Tai.

Some other notable, but = not-so-influential names on the list include Gotye, Adam Sandler and Aaron Sorkin

To check out to full list of 25 people less-than-perfect people of 2012, head to GQ!

Who do you think was the least influential person of 2012?

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