Ne-Yo has been a busy guy since his 2006 debut with the album In My Own Words. Just six years later, he’s back with his fifth studio album.

To celebrate the release of R.E.D. (not to be confused with Taylor Swift’s new album), the R&B crooner performed special live versions of five tracks exclusively for Walmart Soundcheck, including the singles “Jealous” and “Let Me Love You.”

“With this album, I needed to make sure that everybody who called themselves a Ne-Yo fan had something to latch onto,” Ne-Yo says in the interview, explaining that R.E.D. is half R&B, half dance-pop ― and all Ne-Yo. The “Lazy Love” singer also shared which track on his album is the only thing that could get his infant daughter to stop crying when she was brought home from the hospital… now that’s a powerful song!

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R.E.D. stands for “Realizing Every Dream,” the singer reveals in his full interview with Walmart Souncheck: "I decided at age nine that music was gonna be my life. Every dream and aspiration that I set for myself from nine to now ― pretty much every single one of them ― have all been realized, and all through the power of music. This album is a celebration of that fact." Ne-Yo also opened up about his exciting new role at Motown Records, where he hopes to foster new talent.

Be sure and check out Ne-Yo’s Walmart Soundcheck performance here!