The holiday season is nearly upon is, which means so, too, are all the movies that are hoping to compete for Academy Awards. Leading the pack at the moment is Les Miserables, the long-awaited adaptation of the beloved Broadway musical, directed by Tom Hooper (who just scored at the Oscars a couple years back for The King's Speech).

In Les Mis (that's what the cool kids call it), we'll hear people we've heard sing before (Anne Hathaway, Hugh Jackman, Amanda Seyfried, Helena Bonham Carter) join some we haven't ― namely, Russell Crowe. (Yes, we know he had a band, but that doesn't mean we actually heard any of his music.)

Unlike most movie musicals, the actors actually performed the songs live on set, rather than pre-recording them in the studio.

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Les Miserables is already generating a hefty amount of Oscar buzz for the cast, as well as for Best Picture. It opens Christmas Day.

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