Nicki Minaj has been a provocateur since day one, so leave it to her to have a fragrance commercial that kinda creeps us out. Most pop stars opt for something girly and light, but Nicki goes a darker route, lying in a bed of black roses that turn pink when she pricks her finger and bleeds a rosy hue.

What's worse is that it turns her eyes pink! We've heard of seeing the world through rose-colored glasses, but this is ridiculous. Here Nicki is also consumed by a mysterious flesh-eating virus that turns her skin gold and flashes a rather evil smile at the end, which makes this commercial feel more like Pink Friday The 13th.

Watch below if you dare!

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Kind of a cool, offbeat ad, though we're not sure it makes us want to smell like anything that's going on here. Is Pink Friday supposed to smell like fear?

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