The 4th of July has “Firework.” Halloween has “The Monster Mash.” And Christmas has countless ditties both old and new to help you celebrate.

But what to listen to on Thanksgiving? When you think about it, it’s a crime that Grateful Thursday doesn’t have some sexy pop ditty that helps you get in the spirit (and the mood for turkey).

Well, now Nicole Westbrook has come along and changed that. And we are so, so thankful.

You really owe it to yourself to check out this video after the jump.


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So... this is obviously a joke, right? We admit, we took it at face value at the beginning of the video, because Nicole seems so earnest about her love for Thanksgiving. She's even wearing a shirt that says "Dance Until Dawn," even though a late night of partying is usually the last thing you want to do with a belly full of pumpkin pie. Nicole, however, is apparently game to stretch her Turkey Day until the sun comes up.

Things get a little sketchier when we realize this young teenage girl is cooking a Thanksgiving dinner for a bunch of other young teenagers, with no family present. Is she an orphan? Are they all orphans? The only adult present is a grown man in a chicken (turkey?) costume, and something tells us he and Nicole are not related.

Then there's a chorus which gives us: "Turkey, eyy! Mashed potatoes, eyy!"


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But around the time Nicole starts rapping and using a turkey leg as a microphone, we figured this had to be a parody hoping to capture Rebecca Black-style viral infamy. There are distinct similarities between "It's Thanksgiving" and "Friday" ― the invocation of "we, we, we" and an obsession with listing off what order days of the week/holidays come in. Plus, banal, nonsensical lyrics like, "I should take a step and say thank you, thank you, for the things you've done and what you did."

The things you've done and what you did? Isn't that the exact same thing?

Then again, producer Patrice Wilson, who plays the creepy chicken man who spends his holiday hanging around little girls, is responsible for Rebecca Black's "Friday." So, really, it's a mystery to us.

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Regardless, "It's Thanksgiving" is absolutely the definitive new Turkey Day jam, and will surely be stuck in our heads all through November.

"Can't be hateful, gotta be grateful!"

"Give 'em thanks, y'all!"

Will you be spinning "It's Thanksgiving" on repeat this month? Let us know what you think in the comments!