Hey ladies, wanna smell like One Direction? The boys have announced that they are working on a fragrance that’s set to hit shelves in fall 2013! Justin Bieber's fragrance Girlfriend is about to have some serious competition, considering 1D plans to market their latest product to his target audience.

The guys landed a licensing deal with Olivann Beauty and have been working on the concept of a perfume for the last six months, according to Womens Wear Daily. Launching globally in 2013 in department stores, it’ll concentrate first on markets where they tour and expand out from there, according to Dana Kline, president of Olivann Beauty.

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Of course, we don’t have a name of the product just yet, but we can probably put together what it will smell like. Puppies, rainbows, hair gel, a mix of ink (tattoos, duh) and a hint of their sweat and you’ll basically be 1D-scented. Hey, if you can’t get close to them physically, at least you can spray your pillow with their fragrance and pretend!

What do you think about One Direction releasing a fragrance? Are you going to buy it?