One Direction and The Wanted are two of the biggest boy bands in the world, but rumor has it, they’re not super fond of each other. (And that’s quite the understatement!) So is it true – are 1D and The Wanted really feuding?? It’s time to figure out the real deal with the boy band drama straight from the guys themselves!

Chelsea Briggs has the boy band drama update in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

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Okay, let’s recap! The rivalry reportedly began when The Wanted made a comment about how today’s boy bands are “stereotypical”.  Well, while that comment might’ve seemed pretty harmless, the guys of One Direction seemed to have taken the comment pretty personally! In a recent interview with British mag Now, Louis Tomlinson spoke out on the feud saying, “If you want to create a rivalry, then let’s do it.” He then went on to really explain the drama, adding, “There was one press story where they were bad-mouthing us. I thought maybe that had been twisted. But then there ended up being about 10 stories and they’ve been caught on camera doing little things."

Yikes! Of course, The Wanted couldn’t let that one go, so resident heartthrob Max George commented to Fabulous magazine, “We’re not the best of friends, so it’s not like we are going to go up and start hugging and kissing. And they make little comments in interviews when we’re mentioned.” He then added, “If they’re taking it seriously, then maybe that’s just an age thing.”

Alright, I think we can go as far as to say that that this feud is real. But the question is, who is really at fault? Was The Wanted really picking on One Direction or is 1D just being too sensitive? Or is the media just spinning this rivalry out of control?

If the feud is real, who’s side are you on? One Direction or The Wanted?