We know that One Direction and The Wanted have been pitted against each other in the media plenty of times and their comments about each other leave us wondering how real this boy band “feud” is. Now the battle of the pop stars has moved over to Twitter with plenty of name calling between 1D’s Zayn and Max from The Wanted. Whose side are you on?

Chelsea Briggs breaks down what happened in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

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It all began when Max posted a party pic of him with Gangnam Style king Psy, which Zayn replied back with #geekoftheweek and implied that Max had a drinking problem. Bring in Thomas to defend Max and Louis to back up Zayn, there were punched thrown about hair styles, looks and even STDs. Yes, you read that right.

It all ended with Max tweeting, “No Drama Peeps its al just flirting,” and Zayn writing, “Clearly some people are not very familiar with Flirting.”

Yikes! Do you think this is a real feud or are they just joking around? If it is real, whose side are you on?