It seems like it's one step forward, two steps back for Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.

After spending the night together early last week and taking in a comedy show last Thursday, the on-again, off-again item went out to dinner over the weekend. But while things seemed to be moving in the right direction for Biebs and Selena, their dinner date apparently was a certified fail. "Something must have happened inside the restaurant, because 10 minutes after he arrived, they both stormed out looking stone-faced," said a source at the scene, according to E! Online. "They were very serious and did not look happy at all. She got in her car, and Justin got into his."Selena drove off and Justin just sat there for a few minutes."

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Things apparently got worse before they got better too. Justin drove to her house and tried to smooth over the situation, "but she was obviously not letting him in. He continued trying. Then, after a while he got out of his car, he was obviously frustrated and went up to the gate and started yelling 'Selena' over it. But...she was not coming out." Biebs then began yelling at the paparazzi who had obviously camped out to get a front and center view of the drama.

Luckily for Justin, alls well that ends well. The source revealed that, "Something must have happened overnight, though, because his car was there this morning."

Do you think Justin and Selena will be able to keep things drama-free?

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