These Young Hollywood stars can't seem to get enough of their tattoos these days! Every week it seems like some young star, from Justin Bieber to Miley Cyrus to Harry Styles is popping up with some new body art.

Well, this week it's Demi Lovato who is showing off her fresh ink -- 12 birds traveling up her arm, from just under the elbow and all the way up to her wrist! Demi tweeted a photo of the new tat, which was done by celeb tattoo artist and reality star Kat Von D.

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"Thank you so much for my new ink!! I think it's beautiful and I love it!!" Demi tweeted, along a photo of her and Kat.

Demi's new tattoo carefully lines the word faith by her elbow, leading up to the cross on the outside of her hand. She also has the words stay and strong etched onto her wrists, and let go and let God inked on her feet.

What do you think of Demi's new tattoo?

Photos Courtesy of: Twitter