We already knew that Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney wasn't impressed, but apparently Barack Obama isn't either.

The gymnast became infamous with the pic of her now iconic pissed-off expression at winning a silver medal at the London Olympics, but after making a visit to the White House with the rest of the "Fierce Five" to meet with the President, she may have managed to outdo that photo. "He was the one who brought it up," said McKayla. We were about to leave and he said, `I want to talk to you one second about the face.' He said, `I pretty much do that face at least once a day."' 

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McKayla seemed to have some serious love for the President, even saying that their meeting was her favorite famous person encounter out of all the ones she's had since the Olympics. "He's the coolest person I ever met," she said. "He's got the hardest job in the entire world."

The Fierce Five were in Washington as part of a 40-city nationwide tour, which concluded last night in NYC.

What do you think of Barack and McKayla's photo?

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