Okay, guys. This is it. Election Day. Judgement Day. Your chance to vote, and make a huge difference. Remember ― there can only be one victor.

So... who has the better album coming out — Christina Aguilera or Rihanna?

Hear previews of Lotus and Unapologetic below to decide!

As you're surely aware, both Rihanna and Christina have new music released in the coming weeks, with Lotus set to drop November 13 and Unapologetic headed our way on the 19th. Both ladies gave us a sampling of what we'll hear on the LPs today, with Rihanna releasing a series of snippets and Xtina going a step further and personally introducing a number of tracks from the collection.

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First up is Unapologetic, which we're not sorry to report sounds pretty enticing (apart from that Chris Brown duet, the very idea of which gives us hives of fury). 

And then there's Lotus, featuring Christina's typical powerhouse ballad "Blank Page" and the promising club-friendly dance track "Let There Be Love."


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The divas will have to duke it out on the charts, but based on what we've heard, each of them certainly has a shot at reaching #1.

So which artist has the edge? Tell us what you think below!