Let’s state the obvious: Channing Tatum is incredibly sexy, right? Especially after watching him dance in very little clothing on the big screen in Magic Mike. Now reports are surfacing that Channing will take the ultimate male honor this year and be named PEOPLE’s 'Sexiest Man Alive!'

Sources spilled this hot news story, but when reached out for a comment a rep for PEOPLE told Gossip Cop, “We never comment on who the Sexiest Man Alive is until the issue is revealed.” Sounds like a big, fat YES to me!

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It totally makes sense that Channing be celebrated for all his hotness this year. Besides making all the women completely swoon as a male stripper in Magic Mike, we all feel in love with his romantic side in The Vow and died laughing in 21 Jump Street. 2012 has been a knockout year for Channing, so why not close it off with a 'Sexiest Man Alive' title?

He’ll be taking the reign from 2011’s choice Bradley Cooper, but hopefully Ryan Gosling addicts won’t be rioting the magazine’s pick this year. The issue hits stands November 14th, so we’ll just keep watching Magic Mike on repeat until then.

Who do you think about take Sexiest Man of the Year? Channing? Ryan Gosling? Someone else?

Photo Courtesy of Fame FlyNet