With so many breakups happening in Hollywood everyday (R.I.P. Jelena), we’re really not shocked anymore when our favorite couples call it quits. Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy split just a few weeks ago, the same week her record-breaking album Red was released, with a love song FOR him on it. Awkward. But now reports are saying that maybe these two love birds didn’t really breakup after all.

“Taylor and Conor are pretending to everyone that they’ve split up, and so far they’ve done a really good job of convincing friends – and even the press – that it’s true,” a source told Showbiz Spy. “The lovers hatched the scheme because the Kennedy’s were putting huge pressure on Conor, saying he needs to concentrate on getting through high school and into a top college.” I mean, they’re not really in the wrong in this situation.

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Apparently things were – or are – moving so fast for Tonor (couple name up for debate) that his family was worried about them eloping. “Things have become so serious between them so fast that no one in Hyannis Port would be surprised if they eloped,” a source told New York Post’s Page Six.

Okay Taylor, listen to me. If you, a 22-year-old woman, have to “pretend” to be broken up with your 18-year-old boyfriend because his family wants him to concentrate on school, that should tell you something. Also, buying a house across the street from his grandmother and then writing a song about her might give the impression you are moving a little too fast.  

What do you think about this latest report? Are they REALLY broken up or does this sound like something Taylor would do?

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