Things could be getting worse for Cee Lo Green. We previously told you about a woman who was accusing the The Voice judge of sexually assaulting her in Los Angeles. Now she’s claiming to have a recording of Cee Lo apologizing for drugging her with ecstasy and having sex with her. This is about to real messy!

Here’s what we know: the woman – who still hasn’t been identified – told the police she went for a drink with Cee Lo at a restaurant in downtown L.A. back in July. She then said that she doesn’t remember anything that happened after that and found herself waking up the next morning completely naked with him in the bed with her, according to TMZ.  

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Here’s where the tape comes in. Detectives for the LAPD had the woman tape a “pretext” call with Cee Lo to get him to admit what happened, after she filed the police report. During the call, he reportedly apologized for the night and mentioned MDMA, which is another name for ecstasy. After mentioning the drug, he said he thought it would help their night, but didn’t say anything about slipping it in her drink.

Cee Lo’s lawyers are coming to his defense, saying that since the woman’s first attempt to get money out of the deal was shot down, she then went to the police. Talk about craziness! But Cee Lo still denies any and all of this.

What do think about the latest developments? Are we going to need to hear the tape to believe her?

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