When news of a Boy Meets World sequel Girl Meets World hit news outlets, kids of the ‘90s went crazy with happiness and stormed social media sites to talk all about it. It got even crazier when Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel announced that they would be reprising their roles as Cory and Topanga raising their daughter. But what about the other characters? You know, Mr. Finney, Eric Matthews or Cory’s BFF Shawn Hunter?

Rider Strong – a.k.a Shawn – posted about the BMW sequel and explained his involvement in a lengthy message. Spoiler alert: he has no involvement.

“For more than two-thirds of my life, I’ve had the good fortune to experience the incredible support of Boy Meets World fans,” he writes. “Boy Meets World was a defining aspect of my life, and I cherish those seven years. It was never just a job — on a personal level, many of my best memories and friendships were formed because of it.”

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“So I am extremely happy for Ben and Danielle to be able to continue the story. At this point, I have no official involvement in Girl Meets World,” he continued. But this is where our spirits get lifted: “There might be a chance to see some of the BMW cast in a guest spot, and I think it would be nice to find out where our characters have been all these years.” You hear that? Guest spot!

He concluded his message by writing, “Girl Meets World will be, and I think it should be, its own show. It will be about Cory and Topanga, their daughter, and a new set of characters. It’s the next generation. And I, for one, can’t wait to see it evolve.”

Okay, so maybe it’s not the news we were hoping to hear but at least he doesn’t shut down the idea of playing Shawn again completely. Although we could totally see Cory and Shawn trying to be the protective ones for Cory’s daughter while trying to steer all the boys away and Topanga would tell them to leave her alone and let her grow. Yup, that should happen.

What do you think about the latest news on the Boy Meets World reboot? Do you hope to see Shawn Hunter make an appearance?