First we had a teaser, now we have the song in its entirety! A one-minute clip of Rihanna’s collaboration with ex (maybe not ex?) Chris Brown was released last week and now the entire song is up for listening.

Fresh off her upcoming album Unapologetic, their duet for Nobodies Business definitely doesn’t hide their feelings for each other and what they have to say to anyone and everyone that judges their relationship. At least that’s what we got out of the song.

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The lyrics for Nobodies Business go a little something like this: “Always by my boy, I’ll always be your girl, and it ain’t nobody’s business, just mine and my baby,” Rihanna sings. Chris throws in lyrics like, “Your love is perfection, please point me in the right direction, I’mma give you all my affection, every touch becomes infectious, let’s make out in this Lexus, there’s no other love just like this, a life with you I wonder can we become loves persona.”

Yes, it may just be a song and come on, let’s be honest – these two just can’t get enough of each other. And it’s kind of a forbidden love with everyone telling them how they shouldn’t be together. Clearly Rihanna goes for “bad boys” and well, Chris is about as bad as you can get, if you know what I mean. Catchy song though!

What do you think about Chris and Rihanna’s new collab? Are you loving it and the idea of them together or is it all just bad, bad news?