Are you ready for some new Rihanna?

The Unapologetic pop star will release her new album November 19, and now she’s dropped the video for the lead single “Diamonds.”

If you were expecting “Diamonds” to look like a De Beers commercial, you were mistaken. Rihanna’s new video is one part gorgeous, one part confusing, with a dollop of apocalyptic. There’s not much of a story, though someone does get set on fire. (Don’t worry ― it’s not Rihanna.)

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Our reaction to the video pretty much matches the single ― it’s perfectly respectable, but not something we can obsess over. In short, it’s no “We Found Love.”

Does that bode poorly for the rest of Unapologetic? We’ll have to wait and see. Hopefully Rihanna’s next single from the album has a bit more energy.

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