Moreso than most pop stars, Rihanna isn’t afraid to let it all hang out. She’ll date who she wants to date, say what she wants to say, and if she’s drunk during a TV appearance, she’ll tell you.

That was the case when the “Diamonds” diva dropped by to chat with Bravo’s Andy Cohen on Facebook Live, in celebration of her 62 million fans (more than anyone, ever).

Rihanna was answering a question about which of her songs is her favorite (“Diamonds” has just replaced “Umbrella”), then laughed and said, “I’m too drunk for this s***.”

Was she really drunk, or just making a joke? Andy didn’t follow up on that, but he did get a lot of other intriguing info out of the star.

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Amongst other tidbits, we learned about Ri Ri’s idolization of (and hopeful collaboration with) “the Queen” Madonna, how much she hates performing at awards shows, and got a definitive answer about whether or not she’s back with Chris Brown (“No”). And though Rihanna had plenty of nice things to say about many of her fellow musicians, poor Nicki Minaj was once again reduced to just her ass, as she was in a similar game with Madonna on Ellen.

Even if she really was drunk, Rihanna kept it together and provided some insightful comments about her career.

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