Chris Brown and Rihanna can deny they're back together all they want, but do we really need any more proof at this point?!

Well, if you're still not 100% convinced, maybe they're Thanksgiving weekend together in Germany will change your mind! After wrapping up her 777 tour last week, Rihanna hopped on a jet Wednesday to spend the weekend with Chris in Berlin.

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The on-again couple was first spotted together Thursday, Thanksgiving, night at a nightclub in Berlin, from which they left together. Then, Rihanna took to Twitter on Saturday to post a shirtless pic of Chris laying in bed!

If you're not convinced it's Chris in the photo -- take this into consideration. He uploaded his own pic wearing the same Bart Simpson jacket from Ri's photo earlier in the day, plus, his tattoos are clearly visible.

Are you convinced Rihanna & Chris are fully back on!?

Photos Courtesy of; Instagram