Rihanna's 777 tour is proving to be anything but modest, to say the least. (But then again, it's RiRi. Is anyone surprised?)

The singer is hitting seven cities worldwide in seven days to celebrate her seventh album Unapologetic, and her performances have been chock full of skin! After performing without pants in Paris, opting instead for an oversized shirt, she reportedly performed her concert in Stockholm without a bra! What did her tour stylist Mel Ottenberg have to say about it? "Who cares? Why does someone have to wear a bra?" he said, according to E! Online. "She does what she wants to do and she's hot."

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Apparently, journalists on the jumbo jet for Rihanna's tour were inspired by Rihanna's skin showing and thought they could do the same. They were reportedly unimpressed by the lack of face-to-face time they were getting with RiRi despite traveling the globe with her, which led to an Australian radio shock jock taking off his clothes and running down the aisles completely naked! We're willing to bet that guy didn't get an interview.

London is the next stop on the 777 tour.

What do you think of all the nudity on the tour?

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