One thing about the recent flurry of press for Breaking Dawn Part 2 has just become crystal clear ― Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart really don’t want to discuss their relationship.

The two each appeared on Today (separately ― as they’ve been doing all their talk show appearances) to discuss the new Twilight film, but the inevitable subject of whether or not they’re officially an item once again was taboo.

So who dodged the question better?

Kristen was her typical awkward self when the subject was broached, avoiding eye contact and fidgeting. But she came across a little edgier than usual: "Funny you mention that," she sniped, playing along but clearly uncomfortable with the topic.

"I'm just going to let people watch whatever little 'movie' they would like to think our lives are and go for it, you know," she said. "Keep 'em guessing, I always say." (That "little movie," by the way, is called Twilight.)

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Rob was more affable, turning the question back around on host Samantha Guthrie: "Is it in your contract?" he asked about her inquiry, to which she replied that it is. In fact, Rob was so charming that you almost don't notice that he completely avoided the question. (Must be something about being British.)

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In both Rob and Kristen's defense, certainly it must be awkward to have to appear on TV with everyone in the nation aware of your dirty laundry, but still having to sell a fictional romance that's all about how crazy you are about each other. It's no wonder they don't want to discuss it.

So who was more successful at dodging the subject? That depends. Rob definitely came off breezier and less bothered by the question, which might be better from a PR perspective. Kristen, on the other hand, looked like she wanted to stab all three Today hosts and was clearly unhappy, which may deter further questioning on the subject.

Let's give the edge to Kristen, because we were a little afraid for everyone's safety for a moment there.

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