It’s hard to imagine how anyone could not love all the fame and fortune that being a part of a franchise like Twilight brings. I mean, thousands of people fawning all over you, hanging out with your celeb BFF’s like Katy Perry. What’s not to love? But Robert Pattinson admits that he had such a hard time dealing with the all attention that he even went into a state of depression early into the Twilight explosion.

“I went through a big time depression between 23 and 25, I couldn’t go where I wanted to go,” Rob told Premiere magazine. “I was in the tabloids every day and I didn’t have access to the roles I really wanted. I wanted more, on every level.”

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While Twilight may have made Rob, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner superstars all over the world, you would think other movie roles would come pouring in for him, right? Nope, not quite.

“I thought everything was going to be served on a plate but that’s not how it works,” he said. “I finally realized that you needed to earn this change I so desperately wanted. That one way or another, you had to suffer to be able to make it.”

Rob will soon have to learn to deal with portraying other characters in other movies since Breaking Dawn Part 2 is the final film in the Twilight franchise. I know, we’re totally bummed about it too!

Are you sad to see Twilight come to an end? Do you think a reboot will happen in the future? Voice your opinions in the comments section below!

Photos Courtesy of Fame FlyNet