Last night’s election coverage was all about which states went red and which states went blue ―but what color are the states that went for Roseanne Barr?

Okay, obviously, there was no state in which the majority voted for Roseanne. But the comedienne did pull in a hefty amount of support, all things considered ― enough to come in 5th in the presidential race.

Find out how many votes she got after the jump!

Roseanne managed to win at least 48,797 votes (probably more write-ins that haven't been tallied) ― a far cry from Mitt Romney’s 57,098,650, but still a substantial number of people that want to see her as leader of the free world. Especially since she only appeared on the ballot in Florida, California, and Colorado.

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Roseanne ran as a candidate for the Peace and Freedom Party, with her main platform the legalization of marijuana. (She might want to try running for office in Colorado.) She was bested by Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and Green Party nominee Jill Stein, in addition to Romney and, obviously, Barack Obama.

Fortunately, the Roseanne star isn’t bitter about the loss ― she tweeted congratulations to the returning president with the hashtag #barr2016, and later said: "Obama, i finished number 4 behind U. Feel me? i was 4rth & only on 3 ballots! It cost me less than 100k 2B 5th. ."

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