The holiday season has popped up out of nowhere and it’s already time to start shopping for those oh-so-perfect gifts for each type of friend in your life. Since most of your friends probably aren’t all the exactly alike same with the same personality, holiday shopping can be a tad bit stressful. We’ve decided to make your life just a little easier with the Hollywire Holiday Gift Guide!

Got a friend who constantly overshares pictures of herself on social media sites like Kim Kardashian? Or what about your young, hip but still pushes the boundaries gal pal such as Miley Cyrus?  Here's our guide to finding the perfect gift for every type of friend on your list!

Your Social Media Fiend: Justin Bieber

Justin is all about social media and his 29 million Twitter followers would probably agree. He shows his appreciation for his fans with constant retweets, follow-sprees and pictures of his hectic lifestyle.

Gift: Sims 3 Seasons pack to share with his millions of followers. Plus, since he’s ALWAYS on the road, this should keep him busy during the few down times he gets.

Your Oversharing Friend: Kim Kardashian

Kim loves herself and everyone knows it. How do we know? Because she fills our Instagram feeds with pictures of herself from different angles, with different facial expressions, props, pets, family, friends, Kanye, etc.

Gift: iPhone case with mirror attached. This way she can just check herself out whenever the urge arises and you won’t spend your whole afternoon’s double-tapping her photos.

Your Always-On-A-Diet Friend: Jessica Simpson

Jessica has received some flack for the baby weight she put on while carrying daughter Maxwell. But she’s determined to get back to her Dukes of Hazard days with a diet and exercise regime and we totally respect her for it!

Gift: A juicer so she can lose the weight the HEALTHY way!

Your Super Mom Friend: Jennifer Garner

With three children, Jennifer has been one of the few women in Hollywood that has put her family before her career – but has still stayed successful.

Gift: A foot bath so she can kick back and relax when her husband offers to take the kids off her hands for a little while.

Your Young, Independent-Spirit Friend: Miley Cyrus

Miley is definitely not a Disney darling anymore. She’s caused her fair share of controversy, chopped off her locks, got tatted up with presidential quotes and gay rights symbols and is engaged at the age of 19.

Gift: Hair dip dye kit so just in case your friend doesn’t want to pull a Miley and get a dramatic hair cut, she can still express herself with whatever color she may be feeling.

The Guy You Want to Be More Than Friends With: Harry Styles

Who isn’t crushing on this curly-haired Brit?! And Harry does have that Boy Next Door feel about him that is just seriously irresistible.

Gift: DVD gift set like Family Guy so he’ll just HAVE to invite you over for plenty of TV watching dates.

Your Hilarious, Outspoken Friend: Lena Dunham

From cracking us up on her hit HBO show Girls, to sharing the details on her first time – voting – for an Obama ad, we hope Lena stays in our life forever.

Gift: Karaoke machine so she can voice all of her constant jokes and thoughts for all to hear, as loud as she wants it to be.

Relationship Drama Friend: Taylor Swift

It seems like Taylor goes from one relationship to another with plenty of heart break in between. Hey, at least she gets new record-breaking album material out of it!

Gift: Magic Mike Blu-Ray to distract herself from all the boy drama happening in her life to focus on one very important thing – Channing Tatum dancing.

Which out of the eight stars would you love to do a little shopping for? Or with?! Share your thoughts in the comments section below and happy holidays!

Photos Courtesy of Getty Images & Fame FlyNet