James Bond is back in a big way.

Skyfall doesn’t open in the United States until next weekend, but in 007’s mother country, the film catapulted onto screens with explosive box office returns. In fact, it now holds the record for the biggest seven-day opening in the UK ever, unseating Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2 from that throne.

Skyfall made $60 million in its opening week in the UK ― not a huge number in the States, but certainly impressive across the pond. Now the final two installments of Harry Potter are #2 and 3. (Worth noting: both Bond and Potter are Brits. Apparently, the UK loves its own.)

That’s not too shabby for a film that is celebrating its 50th year as a franchise. There’s huge anticipation for the film domestically, from the soaring theme song by Adele to the direction by American Beauty’s Sam Mendes. The film’s strong numbers in the UK signal that it should have a pretty huge debut in the US, too, and the advance word of mouth from critics is pretty strong, too.

Will you see Skyfall opening weekend and help it break records here, too? Let us know below!